Snobruk Owners


Snobruk Trailblazer (Bear)
With Roddy 2006

Snobruk Nordic Pine (Yogi) Snobruk Shining Star &
 Snobruk Icemaiden 2007


Snobruk Shining Star 2007 & Snobruk Firethunder (Star & Chief) 2008 With Andy

Snboruk silver moon (Teddy)
With Isabel 2008

Snobruk Evening Star (Edna)
With The Hogg Family 2008

Snobruk Rising Star (Nickel)
With Susan 2008
Snobruk Little Thunder (Blade)
With Luke & Vicky 2008
Snobruk Little Bear (Star)
With Lee & Faye 2008

Snobruk Running Wolf (Zeus)
With Amanda & Jay 2008

Snobruk Moonlight Shadow (Buck)
With Davy & Marco 2009 
Snobruk Somethin' Special (Myah)
With Dave & Kim 2009

  Snobruk Full Force (Marley)
With Matt & Suzanne 2009

  Snobruk On A Mission (Indy)
With Louise & Andy 2009

Snobruk Cool Runner (Kodi)
With Malcolm & Jenny 2009 

Snobruk With Attitude (Blu)
With Tim & Nicola 2009

Snobruk Super Charged (Thunder) 2009 & Snobruk Nordic Light (Xena) 2007 With Paul & Sara

Snobruk Super Charged (Thunder)
With Paul & Sara 2009



Snobruk Arcticdream (Meicha) 2010 With The Lockett Family
Snobruk Dream Seeker (Saffie) 2010 with Tricia
Snobruk Alaskan Dream (Alaska) 2010 With Jenny & Malcolm


Snobruk Spirit Of the Wolf (Indy) With the Gott Family 2011



Snobruk Spirit Of The Night (Sasha) With The Richardson Family 2011


 Snobruk Spirit Of Dreams (Lola) With The Petrie Family 2011

Snobruk Spirit of Fire (Hunter) 2011
  Snobruk Paparazzi (Ranger) With Jason & Grace 2012
Snobruk Alejandro (Luca) With John & Gina 2012
Snobruk Starstruck (Rikku) With
Stuart & Matthew 2012


Snobruk Poker Face (Keisha) With Sue 2012

 Snobruk The Fame (Lexie) With Peter & Corrine 2012

Snobruk Bad Romance (Kya) with Dawn & John 2012

Snobruk Forever  (Skye)
Snobruk Forever Kia (Kia)
With The Jackson Family 2012
Snobruk Forever Ebony (Pandora)
With Julian & Megan Williams 2012
Snobruk Ice Queen (Narla) 2013
Snobruk Iced Diamond (Kyra) 2013
Snobruk Ice Angel (Malika) 2013
Snobruk Ice Quest (Quest) 2013
Snobruk Howling Mist (Misty) 2014 

Snobruk Howling Sky (Sky) 2014 

Snobruk Howling Spirit (Spirit) 2014

With Emma & James


Snobruk Howling Storm (Storm) 2014

With Michael & Julie

Snobruk Secret Weapon (AI) Storm
with Anna and Johan

Snobruk Secret Service (AI) Willow
With Zoe & James

Snobruk Secret Spectra (AI) Skye With The Masefield Family 

Snobruk Trade Secret(AI) Freya With
Ann & Jay Beamish

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