Dog Law

While we work hard to ensure you Snobruk puppy is well behaved and understands right from wrong it is your resonsability as a dog owner to understand the do's and dont's of owning any dog and to constantly train your puppy to ensure that no problems arise which may cause problems with your neighbours or the law.
It might be cute to encourage your puppy to bark as at a young age they do sound very cute however in a few months time when your dog has found his voice he/she will have a very deep and loud howl which
not all neighbours will apreciate when they are trying sleep and your dog has decided that he/she wants to play!
As well as understanding and abiding by the Country Code we are required by law to ensure that our puppies/dogs do not cause any problems while at home. Ie. Barking in the garden
If you come across any problems with your dog or would just like a little advice you can contact either Trevor or Nik at Cooper & Co Soliciors. They offer a preliminery legal advise service free of charge; Dog Law