2009 - 2010 News
December 2009
 Craig Came 2nd at the Kershop Rally With Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) & Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) At their 1st ever rally,
And Faye & Star (Snobruk Little Bear) came 2nd in the scooter class, Well Done guys...
January 2010
2nd - 3rd January
Greystoke Sled Rally, Craig Came 4th with Skye, Kaiser & Amber, Lee came 6th With Drifter & Ice.
 6th Janury
Jane Has confirmation that she is Judging 3 classes of Mals on the 29th May 2010 at NEEW&PB  Open Show at Newcastle Racecourse.
 23rd - 24th January
 Craig Came 3rd, 2nd All Malamute Team In the E2 class, at the 27th Annual SHCGB husky rally at Aviemore with Kaiser, Drifter & Ice. This was a sled race. This is the 2nd year we have been consistantly placed, Craig came 2nd in the E2 class last year and was the 1st All Malamute Team in 2009.
February 2010
6th February
 Jane Judged Mals At Newark & Dist Canine society, And thouroughly enjoyed her day. Thank you .........
6th - 7th February
Snobruk Little Bear Came 1st And Won the Scooter Class At the Forest Of AE . Way to go Star !!!!!
7th February
 At Pontefract & Dist canine Society, Snobruk Cool Runner came 3rd & Snobruk With Attitude Res in their 1st Show at olny 8 months old!
 20th - 21st February
 At Sherwood Rally Anna came 2nd with Our little Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) & her own dog Kenzie, Craig came 5th with Kaiser & Ice,
It was a shame the rally had to be cancelled on day 2 because of Snow !!!
March 2010
5th March
Snobruk Icemaiden (Ice) passed The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme SILVER Today, Handled by Barbara ( My Mum). Well Done Both xx
 6th - 7th March
Snobruk Little Bear (Star) & Faye came 1st over 2 days In the Scooter Class At Tensmuir Rally (SDAS - Scotland)
WELL DONE  !!!!!!!! xxxx
Jimmy & Chase (Storm's Son) Came 1st In the Scooter class At the R2 Rally (BSHRA Norfolk) And came out TOP Malamute in the Bhsra Championship Scooter class for 2009/2010.
12th - 13th March 2010 - CRUFTS!
 We Had A Good Day At CRUFTS 2010 !!!!!!
Amber ( Snobruk Skyes Reflection) did us proud and got 2nd in A huge class, Post Graduate Bitch & Without her coat, So she qualified for Crufts 2011,  And Storm in another big Veteran class Got 4th (Reserve) and another Reserve In the KCGC Class.
 28th March
 Congratulations To Xena (Snobruk Norcic Light ) On gaining her Silver KCGCD & Also To Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged) On gaining His Bronze KCGCD on the same day, Well Done everyone !!!!
April 2010
17th April
 At W&PB Wales Ch Show Thunder (Snobruk Supercharged With Conyzone) & Zena (Snobruk Nordic Light Over Conyzone) Both Got 3rd Respectively in their classes, well Done to the Bevans xx
26th April
Well Done to Thunder (Snobruk Supercharged With Conyzone) passes The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme SILVER AWARD
May 2010    
4th May
Woooooo got Nickel's (Snobruk Rising Star) hip score back today 2/2 = 4 , Another low score for the Snobruk Kennel !!!
15th May
At the AMCUK Speciality Show Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf ) gets 1st Yearling, Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) Gets 3rd in Yearling & Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) gets VHC in Puppy
 21st April
WWWWWoooooooooooooooo At the SKA Championship show Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) Wins Post Graduate Dog class then takes The Reserve Dog CC !!!!!!! Very Proud of our Baby Kaiser. This Gains Him a Stud Book Number & Qualify's him for Crufts For Life.
Also At SKC, Well Done to Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) who gets 2nd in Puppy Dog, and 1st in Junior dog and qualifys for Crufts 2011 !!!
Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) Gets 3rd In Post Graduate Bitch At SKC
29th May
Jane Had her 3rd Judging Appointment today, it was at Newcastle Racecourse, NEEW&PBS and she throughly enjoyed it, And would like to say Thank You to everyone who attended, It was a cold day but at least it stayed dry. 
 JUNE 2010
   27th June
 At Blackpool Championship Show, 
 Storm ( Multi BIS Myatuk Winter Bear of Snobruk Sh CM) 1st Show this year and he got 2nd In Veteran.
 Blu (Snobruk With Attitude) got 3rd in Junior Dog, at his 1st Champ Show too, Both Storm & Blu Qualified For Crufts 2011!
 And Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone) Got Res (4th) in Junior Dog,
  Skye Didn't get placed but after nearly 2 yrs out of the ring she showed her little socks off.
Well Done all that Showed, it was a very hot day for everyone.......
July 2010
3rd July
At Harrogate & District  Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner ) Won the Junior Class then Took Best of Breed , Well Done !!!                 
Winning Junior Dog
 At the East of England Championship show, Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone) got 2nd in junior Dog & Xena (Snobruk Nordic Light Over Conyzone) Got 3rd In Post Graduate Bitch, Well done !! xx
17th July
 At W & P Breeds, Malvern, Thunder (Snobruk Supercharged With Conyzone) gets 2nd In Junior Dog and has qualified for Crufts 2011........  Congratulations !!!
23rd July
At Leeds Ch show, Buck (Snobruk Moonlight Shadow) Got VHC, Kaiser Got 1st In PG Dog, Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Got 2nd and Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) 3rd in PG Bitch, and Skye (Arctictrek Skyes The Limit Of Snobruk) Came 2nd In Open Bitch, A good day for Team Snobruk, Well Done Everyone xx
26th July
Congratulations to the Bevan's, on Monday evening Xena (Snobruk Nordic Light Over Conyzone) passed her KCGCD GOLD , Great Achievement, Well Done !!!!!!!  xx
August 2010
2nd August
At Paignton Championship Show Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone (Thunder) Got 1st in Junior Dog, Then Got 2nd in PG Dog, Snobruk Nordic Light Over Conyzone (Xena) Got VHC In pg Bitch A big Class, Well Done !!!
5th August
Faye & Lee get Star's Hip Score Back,  Snobruk Little Bear is 3-3 = 6 !!!!!!    
Woooooooooo yet Another low Score for Snobruk!!!!!              
14th July
 At Bournemouth Ch show - Xena (Snobruk Nordic Light Over Conyzone) Got Res, Well Done !
21st August
At WKC Championship Show Snobruk Rising Star (Nickel) Gets 3rd in Post graduate Bitch, and qualifies for Crufts 2011. Wooo Way to go Nickel Pickle !!!!!
September 2010
 18th September
At Darlington Championship Show, Myah (Snobruk Somethin' Special) gets 2nd in Junior Bitch, Then Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Wins Post Graduate Bitch & Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) gets Reserve in Limit Dog.
25th September
 The AMCUK Speciality Championship ShowKaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf )Got 1st in Mid-limit Dog, Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) Got 3rd in a class of 21 and Qualified for Crufts 2011, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) Got 3rd in Novice Dog and VHC in Junior Dog. And Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Gets VHC In Mid limit Bitch, Well Done everyone !!!!!!!!!!!
 Thunder Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone was eye tested today And Has Clear Eyes....... :)
Drifter on The Left In Limit Dog
30th September
 At Driffield Championship Show - Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) Got 2nd, Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) Got VHC And Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star)  Got 3rd, Well Done everyone ............
October 2010
 Jane gets confirmation that she has passed the AMCUK Breed And Hands On Assessment.....
9th October
 Is White Rose KS Open Show -Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) gets 2nd in Sp Yearling class & Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) gets 2nd in Open.......
 10th October
 At SWKA Championship show -Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone) Gets 1st Junior Dog & 3rd post Graduate Dog, Well Done to the Bevans !!! .................
30th - 31st October
  Was The 1st Rally of the season, The Ford Estate Rally - Davy With Buck (Snobruk Moonlight Shadow) & Sesi Came 2nd in the 2 dog freight, Craig Came 3rd with Amber & Kaiser. In the scooter class The snobruk Team did us proud, Indy (Snobruk on a mission) came 1st, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) Came 2nd and Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) came 4th well Done Everyone !!!!!
     Craig 3rd in 2 dog freight
Indy, Kodi & Drifter, 3 boys together after their run
Andy 1st With Indy
Snobruk On A Mission
Malcolm 2nd With Kodi
Snobruk Cool Runner
Faye 4th With Drifter
Snobruk Icedrifter