January 2011

11th January
A VERY sad time for all the Snobruk Gang!
Skye (Arctictrek's Skyes The Limit Of Snobruk)
DOB 14/04/2004
Went To Sleep 11/01/2011
Taken from us far to soon, We Will all miss your smiles sooo much !!!!
Run Free Sweet Skyebo
Terribly missed by us all xxxxxxxxxx
16th January
Amber's Puppies Have arrived !!!! We have 5 puppies 4 girls and 1 boy, 
They are all sold !!!!
One girl Called Spirit is staying at the Snobruk Kennel...

22nd - 23rd January
Was the world famous Aviemore Sled dog race!
Huge Congratulations to Marco Ezzi, who WON A large class J1 junior 1 dog, With Buck (Snobruk Moonlight Shadow) !!!!
And Anna came 8th In the E2 class with Her own Dog Kenzie And Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Well Done guys xx
February 2011

Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) Won Best Of Breed In Malamutes At Pontefract & District Open Show!
 Well Done !!!!!
13th February
Was Harrogate & District Open show, our 1st show of the year, and practise for Crufts !! Glad we went, Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser) Took
Big thank You to  judge Kerry Jelfs (Lapema)
And then went
Under Judge Sonia Saxby !!!! We are chuffed to bits with our special boy !!!
Big well done to the Snobruk furry kids too, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner), 2nd in pg, Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) 3rd in pg, And our own Snobruk Icedrifter (Drifter) got 2nd in Open
Well Done everyone !!!!
       Photo by Susan Wrightson 

March 2011

March 5/6
 SADAs Race At The Ford Estate
Marco Ezzi & Buck (Snobruk Moonlight Shadow) & Aiden Mclelland Won their classes
Well Done Boys xx


Photo's by Lee Sinkyprint ......

March 11th
   Multi BIS Myatuk Winter Bear Of Snobruk Sh CM (Storm)
  Gets BEST Veteran Dog At Crufts 2011 !!!!
Photo by C.Brook

26th - 27th
 Was The Final Sadas Race, Marco Ezzi & Buck (
Snobruk Moonlight Shadow) Win again !!!
Marco Is The Sadas Junior 1 Champion for the season 2010/11
 Well Done! We are sooooo proud of you & Buck xxxx 

April 2012
 15th April
Both Drifter & Nickel Have their Eyes tested today, Both Clear again :)
10th April
Was Mountsorrel & District Open Show Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser) gets BEST OF BREED !!!
Many Thanks to Breed Specialist Mrs Jacquie Norman


May 2011

1st May
  The Snobruk Reunion 2011
It was lovely to see all our puppies again, small and large, Thank you all for coming, and making it a very special day xx

2nd May
Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser)  Goes BEST OF BREED & Working Group 2 And Snobruk Icemaiden (Ice) gets RBOB, on her 1st outing for over a year at Newark & Notts Canine society, under Judge Mr J Ritchie. So pleased with my furry kids!!
 Proud pooches showing off their rosettes!

14th May
The AMCUK Speciality Show, Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser) Got 1st Limit dog, Snobruk cool Runner (Kodi) Got 3rd in yearling dog, and VHC in Post grad dog.
Spirit & Hunter met their dad too :)

21st May
Today was the SKC Championship Show in Scotland, Snobruk howling Wolf (Kaiser) got 2nd in Limit dog,
 and Snobruk Icemaiden (Ice) got shortlisted to the final 7 in a large limit bitch class

28th May
Was NEW&PB Open Show and Snobruk Alaskan Dream (Alaska's) 1st show at just 6 month's old!
Huge Well Done To Alaska who got
1st junior, Best Puppy and Working Puppy Group 4!
Snobruk Cool Runner (Kodi) got 1st in Post Grad, Well Done Both !!!

June 2011 

11th June
At Honley Show today, and some big classes, Alaska (Snobruk Alaskan Dream) BP & Group 2, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) 1st PG, Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) 2nd PG, And Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf ) BOB & group 2, This gain's Kaiser now his Show Certificate Of Merit ShCM  !!!!
Very proud of our Snobruk Gang today :) :) :)

19th June
Today was the Border Union Championship Show, Sapphy (Snobruk Dream Seeker)
Kaiser & Ice's Daughter
 Got 1st & Qualified for Crufts today, Well Done xxxx

2nd June
Ripon &  District Open Show, Snobruk Cool Runner (Kodi) got 1st in PG, Snobruk Howling Wolf  (Kaiser) Won Open & Got Best Of Breed, And Snobruk Alaskan Dream (Alaska) Got BP & Working Group 3!
Huge well Done  :)

26th June
was Blackpool Championship show, And Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser) and Ice's Daughters Snobruk Alaskan Dream (Alaska) got 2nd And Snobruk Dream Seeker ( Sapphy) Got 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch & Puppy Bitch qualifying both for Crufts 2012, Well Done All xx

July 2011

9th July
 Is East of England Championship Show, Woooooooooo  Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Gets 1st In Open Dog, The Dog Ticket CC & Then Goes Best Of Breed,
Many Thanks to Judge Mrs M Manning, for thinking so highly of Kaiser :)
Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) gets VHC In Limit Dog, Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone) Gets 3rd In Post Grad, And Xena (Snobruk Nordic light Over Conyzone) Gets Reserve In Limit, Well Done Everyone :) :)

16th July
 Is W&PB Championship Show Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) Got Reserve In Puppy Bitch, This was both puppy's 1st show, Well Done !!
23rd July
 Is Leeds Championship Show, Snobruk Had A Good Day,  Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) got VHC PG Dog, Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Got Reserve in Open Dog, Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) Got 3rd Puppy Bitch, Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) Got 3rd In PG Bitch, And Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Got Reserve In PG Bitch, Well Done All xxxx
31st July
 Is York Canine Society, Another Good Day for Snobruk, Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) BP & PWG 2, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) 1st PG, Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) 2nd PG,
 Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf ShCM) 2nd In Open & Alaska (Snobruk Alaskan Dream5th In Open. Well Done Everyone !!! xx

August 2011

4th August
Was Bakewell Agricultural Show, Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) Got Reserve BOB, And Alaska (Snobruk Alaskan Dream) Got BP, Well Done x

12th August
Is Bournemouth Ch Show, Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone (Thunder) Takes the RDCC, Huge Well Done to the Bevans,, Snobruk Howling Wolf (Kaiser) gets 3rd In Open Dog, Snobruk Spirit In The Skye (Spirit) gets 2nd In Puppy Bitch and Qualify's For Crufts 2012, And Snobruk Skyes Reflection (Amber) Gets VHC In Limit Bitch....


September 2011

24th September
Today is the AMCUK Speciality Championship Show, Good Day for Snobruk, Hunter (RBPISS Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy dog, And Reserve Best Puppy In Show, Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM ) 3rd Open Dog, Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection), got to Final Cut, out of a huge class of 22, And our little Star, Rivva (Snowtrails Snowy River Of Snobruk) After 3 yrs out of the ring gets 1st Veteran bitch show out of a class of 18 & Best Veteran Bitch In Speciality show  .....
 17th September
Was Darlington Champ Show, Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) gets 1st Puppy Dog, Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) gets 3rd Open Dog, Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star)
 gets 2nd PG Bitch, And Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) gets VHC Puppy Bitch, Well Done All x
3rd September
Today is City Of Birmingham, All Snobruk Dogs Entered were placed, Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) Got 1st  Puppy Dog, Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged With Conyzone) Got 2nd Post Grad Dog, Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) Got 3rd In Open Dog with No Coat, Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) got 3rd Puppy Bitch, And Amber (Snobruk Skyes Reflection) Got Reserve In a very large Limit Bitch Class, Well Done All xx


October 2011
30th October
Midland Counties Champ Show, And Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) Wins 1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed,Under Judge Mr M Hardy 
 22nd October
 At White Rose Canine Society,  Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) 1st Sp Yearling, Best Puppy & Working Puppy group 2, Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) 3rd Sp yearling, And Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) BOB & Working Group 1, Many thanks to Breed specialist Judge Avril Roper :)
16th October
 Jane does Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar and passes the exam, run by Christina Chapman, KC Accredited trainer

 Was Weston Super Mare Open Show, Snobruk Spirit Of Fire (Hunter), At 9 months of age gets BP, BOB And Working Puppy Group One, Well Done Boys xxx
29th September
Today is Driffield Champ Show: Another good day for Snobruk, At Driffield Champ Show, Hunter (Snobruk Spirit of Fire) 1st puppy dog, 1st Junior Dog and Best Puppy In Breed !! Kodi (Snobruk Cool Runner) 3rd PG Dog, Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf) 2nd Open Dog, Alaska (Snobruk Alaskan Dream) 3rd Puppy Bitch, Myah (Snobruk Somethin' Special) 2nd PG Bitch & Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star) Reserve, Well Done Everyone !!!!

November 2011 
2nd November
Today was Romsey & Dist Canine Society's Open Show, Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) Get 2nd in a Special Yearling class of 10 , And Best Puppy In Breed & Working Puppy Group 4 ..Under Breed Specialist Mrs Debbie Prout.

December 2011
18th December
 Bridlington & District CS - Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) gets 2nd in Junior, Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) wins Junior, Best Puppy & gets Working Puppy Group 1, Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Wins Open & Working group 2 :)
11th December
Was LKA Champ Show - Hunter (Snobruk Spirit Of Fire) Gets 3rd in a large puppy Class, And Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) gets 2nd in Open Dog....
4th December
Was Otley Canine: Snobruk Spirit Of Fire (Hunter) Got  BP & Puppy Group 1

Another FANTSTIC year for the Snobruk Gang!!