January 2012
16th January
Happy 1st Birthday to our 2011 litter!
Sasha, Lola, Indy, Hunter & Spirit!
March 2012
6th March
 Amber & Drifter's Puppies arrived, We have 7 healthy puppies, 5 girls and 2 boys :)
11th March - Crufts
 Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Got pulled out for the final 7 cut in Open Dog, Then sadly got no further, And Rivva (Snowtrails Snowy River Of Snobruk) Got VHC In Veteran Bitch, then A 2nd In the GC Class.
April 2012
4th April
A Very Sad Day At the Snobruk Household, We had to suddenly say goodbye forever to Rivva, RIP Rivva Roo,
Forever In our Hearts !!!
14th April
The Harrogate CS Open Show, Jane Judged. Boxers, Newfoundlands, Malamutes & Sibes, Thank You to all the people who entered under her, she had a wet but lovely day :)
28th April
Another good day for the Snobruk Gang at the West of England Ladies Kennel Association Snow
RBPIS Snobruk Icedrifter (Drifter) VHC in Limit Dog
BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf ShCM (Kaiser) 2nd in Open Dog
And Snobruk Spirit In The Skye (Spirit) came 2nd in a very large Junior Bitch class and is now CRUFTS qualified for 2013!!
May 2012
5th May
Amber & Drifter's puppies are now just over 8 weeks old and going to their new homes! Check out our Snobruk Owners page to see them with their new families!
One puppy; Snobruk Speechless AKA Breeze is staying with us and is now the youngest member of the Snobruk Gang!
19th May
SKC Champ Show  Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM)Got 3rd In Open Dog & Sapphy (Snobruk Dream Seeker) Got 2nd In Junior Bitch. (Now Crufts Qualified 2013)
24th May
Happy 4th Birthday to Teddy, Zeus, Thor, Edna, Star, Nickel, Blaze, Chief and our very own Amber and Kaiser from our 2008 litter
26th May
 The AMCUK Speciality Open Show Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Got 3rd In Open Dog.
June 2012
16th Border Union Champ show, Kaiser ( BIS Howling Wolf Sh CM) got 2nd in Open Dog,
Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) Got VHC In Limit Dog,
And Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) Got 3rd In Junior Bitch. 
 All Snobruk Dogs got placed...
19th Happy 3rd Birthday to Blu, Kodi, Buck, Thunder, Myah and Indy - our 2009 litter!
28th June was Windsor Ch Show Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged At Conyzone) Gets 1st Limit Dog And Gains The RCC,
Huge Well Done..
July 2012
1st July Jane Judged Malamutes At Lanchester & District CS, Near Bernard Castle in Durham...
Jane Had a lovely day  & Some lovely dogs to go over, Thank you for your entries ...
8th Is East Of England Championship Show : Kaiser ( BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM)
gets VHC in Open Dog, Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye) Gets Reserve In Junior Bitch & Thunder (Snobruk Super Charged At Conyzone) Gets 2nd Limit Dog.
29th is Leeds Championship Show : Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Gets 2nd in Open And Reserve Best Dog,  & Spirit (Snobruk Spirit In The Skye)  get Reserve (4th)in their 1st Post graduate classe at 19 months old.
August 2012
13th August is Bournemouth Championship Show : , Kaiser 3rd Open Dog, Thunder & Xena VHC in Limit Dog & Limit Bitch.
22nd And Ice & Kaisers Puppies have arrived at the Snobruk Kennel :)
We have 3 Girls x
September 2012
Richmond Championship Show : Breeze (Snobruk Speechless) Gets 2nd in Puppy Bitch at Just 6 months and 1 day
Darlington Championship Show: Breeze (Snobruk Speechless) Gets 1st Minor Puppy Bitch & Her Sister Keisha (Snobruk Poker Face) Gets 2nd And they both Qualify for Crufts 2013. Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM ) Gets 4th and still doesnt have his coat back.
Driffield Championship Show: Breeze (Snobruk Speechless) Does it again and Gets 1st & Best Puppy Bitch In a Strong class, Keisha (Snobruk Poker Face) Gets VHC,
Kaiser (Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Gets 2nd in Open Dog & Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star )Gets VHC In Limit Bitch.
AMCUK Championship Show: Well my Baby Breeze (Snobruk Speechless) Does it yet again at just 6 months and 3 weeks, she gets 1st Minor Puppy Bitch out of a class of 9,
 Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star ) gets VHC In Mid Limit Bitch,
 Sadly Amber, Drifter & Kaiser didnt get placed.
October 2012
25th October would have been Rivva's 9th Birthday, We still miss her Badly :(
Was also Midland Counties Ch Show, All Snobruk dogs Entered were placed, Kaiser (BIS Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh CM) Got 3rd in Open Dog a huge class of 16, Nickel (Snobruk Rising Star Of Kisnicova) Handeled by myself got 3rd Limit Bitch & Qualified for Crufts 2013, And Breeze (Snobruk Speechless) Got VHC in  a Huge class of 17 Puppy Bitch..
26th Is Drifter (Snobruk Icedrifter) & Bear's (Snobruk Trailblazer)'s 6th Birthday
November 2012
21st November
Happy 2nd Birthday to our 2010 litter!!
December 2012
5th Of December is Storms 11th Birthday, Happy Birthday to our gentle big bear :)
27th December is Sleaford & District CS Open Show, Jane is Judged 3 classes of Malamute bitches.
Thank you for your entries x
28th December: A very sad day for us all at Snobruk, Storm (Multi BIS Myatuk Winter Bear Of Snobruk Sh CM)
Passed away peacefully, Will miss you Stormy our big gentle bear !!!!