Do's and Dont's


  • Make sure your dog wears an identification collar and tag with your current contact details. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 advises that any dog in a public place must wear a collar tag with the name and address of the owner written on it. The phone number is optional.
  • Attend dog training classes such as the Good Citizen Dog Scheme - a trained dog is a happy dog.
  • Keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Train your dog to use the kerb correctly.
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Keep your dog close to you when walking on a lead.
  • Respect the Country Code.
  • Give your dog the correct amount of exercise and play.
  • Feed your dog a balanced, nutritious diet with adequate food and water.
  • Worm your dog routinely.
  • Register your dog with your local vet and attend annual health checks and ensure your dog is adequately immunised/vaccinated.
  • Take out veterinary insurance to cover any unforeseen injuries or illnesses.
  • Groom your dog regularly.
  • When booking holidays make suitable arrangements for your dog, don't leave it too late and ensure all vaccination certificates are up to date before booking your dog into kennels.
  • Consider that adult dogs of either sex may be neutered to prevent unwanted puppies.
  • Consider either third party legal liability insurance or take out specific canine insurance in case your dog causes damage or an accident.
  • REMEMBER not everybody loves dogs, only a minority of the population are dog owners - respect the views of others.


  • Allow your dog to foul footpaths, parks or public places. Local authorities have the power to make it an offence punishable by a fine. Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996
  • Allow your dog to interfere with passers-by in the street.
  • Allow your dog to make unnecessary noise.
  • Take your dog into food shops or places where dogs are not allowed.
  • Allow your dog to roam freely in grazing fields or through crops.
  • Allow your dog to chase livestock or wildlife.
  • Leave your dog alone for long periods of time - dogs feel lonely just like humans.
  • Allow your dog to roam the streets or countryside unsupervised.
  • Spoil your dog - spoilt dogs are as bad as spoilt children.
  • Leave you dog unattended in a vehicle for any period of time.