Snobruk Speechless WPD AWPD(C)(B)

Pet Name: Breeze

Date Of Birth : 06/03/2012

Sex : Female

Hips: 3/3 = 6

Eyes: Holds Current Clear Certificate

Alaskan Malamute Polyneurothapy DNA Tested: N/N Clear

CD Tested Clear

Height: 24"

Crufts Qualified 2013/2014/2015

Breeze gained her working pack dog Copper title in January 2014

Breeze gained Her working pack dog Bronze title In January 2015

Breeze gained the American WPD Title In January 2015

Breezes Results To Date Are :

17th MOYA Top Bitch 2013

13th Top Puppy MOYA 2012 with just 5 shows !!!!

Best Baby In Match at Just 12 Weeks

Richmond Ch Show 2012 2nd Puppy Bitch : 6 Months 1 day

Darlington 2012 1st Minor Puppy Bitch: 6 months 1 week

Driffield 2012 1st Puppy Bitch: 6 months 2 weeks

AMCUK Speciality Ch Show 2012 1st Minor Puppy Bitch: 6 months 3 weeks

Midland Counties Ch Show 2012 VHC Puppy Bitch 7 Months 2 weeks In A Class of 17 puppy Bitches

Crufts 2013 VHC Puppy Bitch

Blackpool Ch Show 2013 1st Junior Bitch 15 Months

East Of England Ch Show 2nd Junior bitch

NW&PB Ch Show 2013 2nd Junior Bitch

Leeds Ch Show 2013 2nd Junior Bitch

Crufts 2014 3rd Special Yearling Bitch- Crufts Qualified 2015

Breeze is a line breeding from our own 2 dogs, Amber & Drifter,

This breeding brings back the old Stormklouds & Keikewabic Lines,

which have been lost in the uk over the last few years, due to outcrossing.

She has a lovely sweet temperament ...