Rainbow Bridge

A place where our beloved pets go, when they leave us to go to the other side. gone but never forgotten ..........

Pawprints Left by you...

You no longer greet me,As i walk through the door.You're not there to make me smile,To make me laugh anymore.Life seems quite without youYou were far more than a pet.You were a family member, a friend,... a loving soul. Ill never forgetIt will take time to heal-For the silence to go away.I still listen for you,And miss you every day.You were such a great companion,Constant, loyal and true.My heart will always wear,the paw prints left by you.

Teya - Snobruk Secret Liaison (AI)

3rd August 2015Sex : FemaleHips:  2/3=5Eyes: Currently ClearCD Tested : ClearAlaskan Malamute Polyneurothapy DNA Tested: N/N ClearCrufts Qualified 2017 and 2018Sadly taken from us far to soon and sorely missed.

Amber - Snobruk Skyes Reflection  ROHPD(C) AWPD(C) 

Hips 3/4 = 7PN ClearCD Clear24th May 2008 - 24th March 202011th MOYA Top Brood Bitch  20146th MOYA Brood Bitch 2013  5th MOYA Top Brood Bitch 201213th MOYA Top Brood Bitch 2011Amber gained her Working Pack Dog COPPER Title In January 2014Amber Gained The Working Pack Dog (ROH) Roll Of Honour Copper Title In March 2015,4 of Ambers Progeny Have to have gained their WPD Copper So she could achieve  this award.

Ice - Snobruk Icemaiden  WPD AWPD(B)(S)

 Hips 2/3 = 5PN ClearCD Clear18th December 2007 - 20th December 2019Ice was from our second litter, And she was Storm's Daughter, Ice passed The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award And The Silver Award.Ice gained The AMWA Back Packing Bronze Title November 2013 Ice gained the AMWA Back Packing Silver Title In January 2014, In the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland

Kaiser - BIS BVDISS Snobruk Howling Wolf  Sh CM WPD AWPD(C)(B)(S)

Hips 4/3= 7PPN ClearCD Clear24th May 2008 - 2nd August 2019Crufts Qualified For Life !!!3rd Top Stud Dog 2014 13th MOYA Top Dog 2012 7th MOYA TOP Dog 201114th MOYA Top Malamute 201111th MOYA Top Puppy 2009Kaiser gained The AMWA Back Packing Copper Title in February 2014He  gained The AMWA Back Packing Bronze Title November 2013 He  gained the AMWA Back Packing Silver Title In January 2014, In the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland

Drifter - RBPIS Snobruk IceDrifter WPD AWPD(C)(B)

 26/10/2006 - 11/09/2017
 Went peacefully to rainbow bridge, we miss him terribly Hips 3/4 = 7Pn ClearCD Clear  Drifter gained his Working Pack Dog COPPER Title In January 2014Drifter gained his Working Pack Dog Bronze Title In January 2015Drifter gained the American WPD Title In January 2015
   7th MOYA Top Veteran 2014    10th MOYA Top Stud Dog 201418th MOYA Top Dog 2014     9th MOYA Top Stud Dog 201318th MOYA Top Stud Dog Awards 2012MOYA TOP PUPPY 2007/2008 In Conjunction With the AMCUK MOYA Awards

Storm - Multi BIS Myatuk Winter Bear Of Snobruk Sh CM

Went peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on the 28th December 2012, Now reunited with your soul mate Rivva  Will miss you big lad and your woooosss!
Storm qualified For Crufts in 2003, 2004. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011& 2012 !!!!!! BEST VETERAN DOG AT CRUFTS 2011 !!!!And Got 1st in the KCGCC Class too At Crufts  
 Top Special Beginner in AMCUK Awards 2003 MOYA*11th MOYA TOP Veteran 201112th MOYA TOP Veteran 2010 
Storm Was The First UK Bred Mal To gain The ShCM
 Passed The KC Good Citizen Bronze Award in September 2006 
Storm won 3 BEST IN SHOW Awards

Rivva - BVBISS Snowtrail's Snowy River Of Snobruk

DOB 25/10/03Went To Sleep 04/04/2012Another One Of Our Girl's Taken Far Too Soon, With the Sweetest Of Temperaments
Run Free Rivva RooForever In Our Hearts

I wish the Rainbow Bridge had a phone... so I could hear your *woo* again. I thought of you today...but that's nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence and often speak your name. All I have are memories and pictures in a frame.  ♥ You will always be loved ♥ never forgotten.

Skye - BPIS Arctictrek's Skyes The Limit Of Snobruk

DOB 18/04/2004 Went To Sleep 11/01/2011Taken from us far to soon, We Will all miss your smiles sooo much !!!!Run Free Sweet SkyeboTerribly missed by us all xxxxxxxxxx
Have you a Mal in heaven lordThat goes by the name of SkyePlease take loving care of herIt broke our hearts to say goodbye... She was one in a MillionTaken too soon before her timeAlways there with a welcomeAnd her famous Malamutes Smile.. She was a 1st class showgirlOn the rig she'd go all the wayBut when her time came to be a motherAt home she was happy to stay... So if there's a Mal in heaven lordAnd her name is SkyeTell her we will never forget herand the memories will never die.... Poem by Barbara Thompson (My Mum) 

Cassie - Richline Esta

Cassie was Craig & Jane's 1st Dog TogetherShe was nearly 14 when she left us,Our beloved Pet who was Storms best friend.Our Obediance dog, Who adored our then Children.Forever In our Hearts....